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Ben Jack Larado Seasonings

Ben Jack Larado Seasonings


Bare-Back-Pig Seasoning

Want that sweet brown sugar flavor on your meat? Well our world class sweet dry Pork Rub is Real Mississippi Paddlewheel Cuisine! This dry Pork Rub is great for pork ribs, pork loins, pork butts. Try our Papa Fitz Bareback Pig dry Pork Rub on just about any cut of pork. It’s great sprinkled on a steak while it’s grillin’ too!

Hardwood Barrel Seasoning
Our NEW Hardwood Barrel is only one of our Award Winning Beef Rubs we have. It still has that exciting flavor of a great Kentucky Bourbon & accelerates the flavor of brisket or roast naturally. Our dry Beef Rub has just a hint of that Kentucky Mountain flavor and is hidden deep in the cut of meat to be savored slowly among friends. Everyone is raving over the flavor of our new blend!

Aunt Sassy's Secret Seasoning
In need of a low sodium, flavor packed seasoning? Aunt Sassy’s Secret Seasoned Salt is lower in sodium that most brands on the grocery aisle and it tastes great too! Sprinkle a little on your salad or fresh vegetables instead of heavy salad dressings-a healthy alternative. Shaking on a little of Aunt Sassy’s Secret Seasoning Salt will put a gourmet’s touch to your Chicken, Soups, Stews, Fish, Pork or Beef. Also a favorite on venison.

Ben Jack Larado Gourmet Foods has been a part of our family since 1981. Lee and Sharon Henry developed the Rockin’ L-H Asparagus Farm into a thriving award-winning business. Today, the Ben Jack Larado product line of pickled goods and custom seasonings can be found in gourmet and specialty shops across the United States. As we continue the heritage of fine products started by Lee and Sharon, our goal is to develop gourmet foods that consider the origin and quality of materials produced.

Ben Jack Larardo takes pride in producing quality products that add a unique touch to your dinner table or special event. We give care and attention to the same details that we look for when buying products for our home.

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