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Images of Modern America - Bricktown

Images of Modern America - Bricktown

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Bricktown, once an area reserved for federal troops, was given to Oklahoma City for development in 1898. Brick warehouses originally were built along rail lines to house wholesale operations, but a half century later, the district was abandoned as industry moved farther away from the urban core. The forgotten warehouse district was rediscovered by Neal Horton, who started the movement of transforming the area in 1979. Jim Brewer carried out Horton’s vision, enabling Bricktown to become a regional destination where historic preservation and modern entertainment would merge. Excursion boats traverse a modern man-made recreational canal built in 1999 that flows between century-old brick warehouses. Bricktown’s restaurants, shops, and attractions have hosted some of the biggest names in politics and entertainment. The transformation continues with the opening of The Criterion concert hall in 2016 and the construction of more retail space and restaurants, 400 apartments, and several hotels.

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