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Operation Scissortail (Hardcover)

Operation Scissortail (Hardcover)


When Jack Money and Steve Lackmeyer heard rumors several years ago that Devon Energy Corp. was looking to build a new headquarters for its workforce, which now numbers about 1,700, they knew they needed to tell the oil company's story. As the authors noted, throughout Oklahoma City's history dating to statehood, a new building in the business district "would generate an incredible amount of excitement among the community," Money said. In the months that followed Devon's 2008 announcement it planned to build a 50-story skyscraper and related energy center, Lackmeyer and Money got to work on research for their new Oklahoma City history project, recently released as a book, "Operation Scissortail: Building a New Home for Devon Energy, Building a New Heart for OKC." The pair interviewed Devon executives and key players, members of the architect and design teams overseeing the energy center's construction and Oklahoma City officials who had an interest in how the project would turn out, whether their focus was on managing traffic in the area or in the Myriad Gardens across the street. Money's and Lackmeyer's narrative about Devon progressed as construction on the tower did, and their book, released the same year the tower opened, is a 241-page coffee-table book that reads like a novel. It is filled with photos, documents and even artists' renderings of potential buildings at sites Devon considered before deciding on a spot north of the Myriad Gardens. Throughout the book, the authors focused on the personal stories of the people involved in making it all happen as well as the developing project.

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