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Andrews Honey

Andrews Honey


Andrews Honey Bees is a family owned and operated company. We have several divisions of operations. Andrews Honey Bees has a pollination division which pollinates crops in many states. We also have a honey division where our bees gather different nectar crops in a few states like Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, and California throughout the year. Andrews Honey Bees has a custom extracting and bottling facility just across the river from Asher, Oklahoma. All the honey that Andrews honey Bees hives gather in all the different locations get sent to be extracted and bottled at the farm in Asher, Oklahoma. We then ship out our honey products to stores and farmer markets that carry our local honey. Our products include different types of honeys based on nectars and different locations for local honey. Andrews Honey Bees is happy to be a part of MIO Coalition in Oklahoma. Andrews Honey Bees hopes that you will enjoy the honey that our honeybees produce.

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