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Ridley's Vintage Toys

Ridley's Vintage Toys


JACKS - Set of 12 traditional metal Jacks in silver and gold. Includes two red bouncy balls and full instructions. Packaged in an illustrated kraft tube box with push-style lid. Not suitable for 0-3 years. Product dimensions: 70 x 65 x 65mm

 SPRING TOY - Novelty silver metal spring toy. Packaged in an illustrated kraft box. CDU of 8. Box dimensions: 62 x 70 x 70mm CDU dimensions: 232 x 144 x 215mm

MOUSTACHE KIT - Set of six stick-on moustaches in a variety of styles and colours. Includes the 'El Bandito' and 'The Professor'. Packaged in an illustrated kraft matchbox. CDU fits 8 boxes. Box dimensions: 40 x 128 x 59mm CDU dimensions: 160 x 130 x 240mm

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