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Kid's Musical Instruments

Kid's Musical Instruments

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The kazoo as we know it today was invented in the 1840's by two men in Macon, Georgia named Alabama Vest and Thaddeus Von Clegg. A small factory in western New York began mass producing the instrument in 1912, and the kazoo began to enjoy widespread popularity, especially with coutry string bands and early jazz ensembles.
This classic all-metal kazoo is made in the same Western New York factory that originally developed the instrument in 1916.
The kazoos are made the same way today as they were almost 100 years ago. Today, as in the past, over 20 die press machines are run with one motor connected with overhead jack shafts and leather belts. After the numerous metal parts are formed on these antique machines, the individual kazoos are assembled by hand.
The Woodstock Kazoo truly is the original all American metal kazoo.
Age Grade: Ages 3 and up
Dimensions: POP: 8 in. Long, 5.8 in. Wide - KAZOO: 5.5 in. Long, 7.5 in. Wide

With its high-gloss, natural wood finish, the Woodstock Kid's Guitar looks just like Mom & Dad's full size guitar, only sized down for smaller hands. Suitable for taking lessons, this guitar comes with an songbook by renowned folk musician Happy Traum (includes information on changing strings and tuning). Also comes with a guitar pick.
Age Grade: Ages 6 and up
Dimensions: 30 in. Long, 12 in. Wide, 3 in. Deep

Authentic-sounding ukulele includes pick, illustrated instructions and songs.
Made of high quality wood for that authentic Hawaiian sound. In addition to being cool in and of itself, a ukulele is an excellent starter instrument for future guitar players.
Age Grade: Ages 6 and up
Dimensions: 21 in. Long, 6.25 in. Wide, 2.5 in. Deep

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