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Local Lather Salt Vials

Local Lather Salt Vials

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SUSTAINABILITY has always been important to us at Local Lather. We try to not only source the best ingredients available, but to make sure they are also responsibly harvested, made ethically, and don’t harm the planet. This is true when it comes to our use of palm oil, as well as the glitter we use (it’s made from eucalyptus fibers). We avoid all micro plastics that pollute the ocean, and over the years we have changed the way we produce our goods to cut down on our waste.

These concentrated soothing mineral salts from the sea moisturize the skin, help relax muscles, and loosen stiff joints. They are gently scented for maximum enjoyment. 


Add desired amount to bath under warm running water. Soak at least 15 - 20 minutes or longer.

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