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Tuckori Farm Modified Lotion

Tuckori Farm Modified Lotion

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At Tuckori Farm Commodities, we have traded in our work-gloves for a chance to launch a new cosmetic line and retail sales platform.  After years of physical labor and caring for livestock on our farm, our hands and feet now tell our story.  So after selling off the animals, we decided to move our operation indoors.  We’ve been able to utilize our pharmaceutical and engineering backgrounds to formulate “our perfect recipes” to help with dry, chapped skin on your hands, lips, and feet, the parts of our bodies that seem to suffer the most in harsh environments.  For a summer selection, we have expanded our lines to include a shimmer-bar and a bug-deterrent bar.  In addition, we have developed a line of products targeting bearded men. Finally, we have developed a line of spa-quality products that are guaranteed to help you relax and rejuvenate at home.  As always, our formulas help to moisturize the skin without using preservatives and alcohols.   In the end, we pride ourselves on quality and customer satisfaction so we blend and pour each batch by hand so get yours today.

A unique line of skin-care products for your dry hands and feet. We have created a formula that hydrates your skin without using preservatives and alcohols. Rather than selling mostly water, we are using prime ingredients to maximize their combined effectiveness.

Glitz N' Glow Formula - A bar made with ultra-hydrating Mango butter in a delicious summer scent which casts a subtle shimmer to hydrated, sun-kissed skin.

Our unique formulas target dry skin on your hands and feet, however, does not leave your hands/feet feeling greasy. Items are gently rubbed between your hands and then massaged into skin for desired moisturization. Preservative Free. Alcohol Free. Each usable unit measures 2.25 inch diameter by 1 inch thick. Gross Wt: 2 oz

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