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Rhino Pretzels

Rhino Pretzels


Satisfy your craving for an amazing snack food, made in Edmond, OK. They're twisted, not complicated.

Dill Pickle
The crowd favorite.  It doesn’t even need a description.  It’s called dill pickle and it tastes just like a dill pickle.  Get ready to pucker up when you try this one.

Wasabi Soy
The most powerful flavor of them all.  Your taste buds won’t be questioning this one.  It’s a strong but a well balanced mixture of wasabi, soy and just for fun, we gave it a little hint of ranch.

Cinnamon Toast
A perfect buttery combination of cinnamon and sugar.  Teamed up with the crispy crunch of the pretzel, you will think you are eating a slice of cinnamon toast.

Chili Ranch
There is a lot going on here, which makes this one of the most addicting pretzels offered.
  When you start with a ranch base, a hint of garlic and lemon, combined with smoky chili powder and cayenne, you are destined for satisfaction.

Honey Butter
This is a mix of sweet and salty with a buttery base that will remind you of our previous flavor of kettle corn.

A perfect amount of cheddar cheese, tomato and Italian seasonings makes this a pizza slice on a pretzel.

Sugar Cookie
The sweetest of the sweet.  A blended sugary mix with a milk base creates a sweet pretzel that is unlike any other.

Bacon Cheddar
The uniqueness of this flavor on a pretzel has made it one our favorites.  We combined a smoky bacon and cheddar cheese to create a perfect savory snack.

A unique blend of hickory smoke seasoning, tomato and spices.  You can’t go wrong with a barbecue flavored snack and this pretzel is no exception.

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